Managing and programming

When it comes to the development of web management and MobileKey programming, security and ease of use are our highest priority.

Web-App MobileKey

Web app

The intuitive web app for all Internet-capable devices, such as PC, Mac, tablets and smartphone. Further advantages for users: no time-consuming backups and always in line with the latest state of the art technology. The web app is used to create locking plans with access authorisations, which are then stored on the SimonsVoss server. The locking plans can be viewed and processed with any standard browser technology. The web service generates locking plan data automatically for the individual MobileKey system and makes the data available for programming with the USB config device.

SmartBridge MobileKey


The online version is a system extension that lets you connect your locking system via a SmartBridge directly to the MobileKey web service. All programming tasks are retrieved via the SmartBridge and the locking devices are automatically programmed. You therefore no longer need the config device for your programming activities. Plus the online extension enables a number of further functions, such as remote locking transactions or notification when doors open.

USB config device MobileKey

USB config device

With the compact USB config device, you automatically transfer all data to the locking components in your MobileKey system.

For all Internet-capable end devices such as PCs, notebooks, netbooks or tablets with Windows, iOS or Android operating system

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