That’s what our customers say

Long live simplicity!

MobileKey can also be retrofitted and clearly stands out with its beautiful and timeless design. The system is astonishingly simple to put into operation. You can easily configure it yourself with the free web app.

Manfred K.
Architect and interior designer

No more annoyance over lost keys.

The digital locking system offers me the highest degree of comfort and security. If I lose a transponder, I can block it with my smart phone and then simply program a new one.

Doris M.,
Shop owner

It doesn’t get much clearer.

I want to precisely define and know who is in what room and for how long. MobileKey records every single locking process. The door cylinders equipped with intelligent door monitoring let me know the locking status of every single door in real time.

Mathias K.,

My kids love it!

Loads of key are a thing of the past. One transponder for all doors – simply ingenious! And it even looks good. I can modify access rights with my smart phone whenever I want. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Barbara Y.,
Homemaker and mother