Web-based locking system
for up to 20 doors and 100 users.

01. Web app
MobileKey is set up and managed using an app. The app can be run on all internet-ready devices such as PCs, tablet PCs, Macs or smartphones. Just a few clicks and you can specify who has which access authorisations. Simple as that and change them whenever you like.

02. SimonsVoss Server
The web app data is transmitted to the SimonsVoss server, where it is applied as a locking plan and then sent back to the web app. Everything is automatic – you don’t need to do a thing

03. Basic version
The config device allows you to transfer data to your transponders. Your system is now ready for use.

04. Optional: Online extension
In the online version, your locking components are connected to the server via a SmartBridge. This means that any changes you make to the system or authorizations are implemented virtually in real time. Full control – anywhere and anytime.

05. Remote control key as an ID medium
Unlock doors without a mechanical key – via transponder, PIN code keypad or smart phone. This is how easy it is to switch to digital locking.

06. Locking components
With the press of a button, your remote control key sends its user-specific authorisations to the digital cylinder or a relay. If the authorisation fits, the doors opens.

Security has the very highest priority
Your data is stored on an audited SimonsVoss server in Munich, Germany. You don’t have to worry about your data, we take care of that for you – at the very highest level.